Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stream TataSky over LAN / WLAN / Mobile Wirelessly


Have you ever get the idea to stream Tatasky wirelessly or via local network to any of the connected device? If this is what you want to achieve and have the following things with you I can show you a way to do it.

Let me know in comments if you would like to see the steps to turn your home into a Wireless / Wired DTH Steaming Server.

You will need the following to achieve:

  • Tatasky (SWEET DREAMS/HD/HD+) or any other DTH Provider like Airtel.
  • TV Tuner Card (USB or internal)
  • Windows PC (XP / Vista / 7) Laptop or Desktop

Sunday, December 2, 2012

[SOLVED] Penta IS703C Hang Issues

Did you try this new entry level tablet from BSNL / Pentel? I too thought the same and gave it a try only to realize that it started hanging after a few days. Every time you lock the screen it will hang and the only way to bring back the device was to press the small reset button with a pin. After a week I was sick and tired of how many times it would hang. It started hanging regularly, googled and found the Build Download link and the steps to reset / reinstall the OS.
Download Link:
Build ID: 20120910
After doing the steps the issue did not resolve. Customer care also said there is no other build and nothing much can be done. Looked online for custom ROM but nothing was there. Then I started testing the device and realized that majority of the time the device would hang if the Wifi was on. If the Wifi was off the device would hardly hang through out the day.
Tried to live with it for a couple of days but to no avail. Then today sat down and spent a few hours and came up with certain settings which so far have worked perfectly and the issue has been resolved for now. It has been almost a day and the device has stopped hanging.
Follow the steps below to try out the setting and let me know if it solves your problem too:
  • Turn on your device.
  • Go to Settings > Developer Option
  • Select the settings shown below in the screenshot
    • Force GPU rendering – This is to force the use of Graphical Processor to display good graphics while playing games.
    • Don’t keep activities – This is the most important of all, any internal app which is causing the device to hang be it OS part. This is what kills that issue causing app.
    • Background Process Limit – No background processes
    • Show all ANRs – Show App Not Responding dialog for background apps. This is also important because if any app tries to hang the OS and the tablet there will be a prompt which will give you an option to kill that app or process.
Below is the screenshot of the latest Build Number and build details:

Update: Even after the above setting the tablet continued to hang. I took it to the service center of Penta soft and they kept it for a couple of weeks. After they gave it back it started working absolutely fine. I will recommend it to take it to the service center and let them take care of it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Transfer Music Wirelessly to Android Phone from PC (Computer)

imageHave you ever wished to auto sync the MP3 songs to your android phone? I faced the same problem when I had to auto sync my collection with my phone so that I don’t need to manually take care of this task. Recently I had the exact same need where I had to auto sync one of my Music folder with my android phone but I did not work to connect the wire every time. I also had ES Explorer software in android where I can wirelessly map my computer folder and then copy the new files or all files to the android folder, but this was a manual job and had to manually select the new files or music files in this case. I wanted an automated method which can do this task.

I searched online and found many options but I didn’t want to install a separate software as a service to do this job for me. It was not worth it, so while searching I got to know about this software called MyPhoneExplorer. It had amazing features of sending Messages from PC to syncing lots of content off the phone. When I explored I found that it also has the ability to sync any folder in PC to any folder on phone using Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB and more. This seemed to have solve my problem but wasn’t sure without the try.


I took the software and connected my phone after installing MyPhoneExplorer Client from Google Play Store. After that I selected the folder on the computer which had all my songs and then selected the folder on the phone where I wanted to copy the folder. Made it to auto-sync every time my phone is wirelessly connected to the PC, then the magic happened. All the new songs which are not there on the phone got auto synced using home Wi-Fi within a few seconds without the need of internet or wires at all.

Now I don’t need to worry about keeping my phone up-to-date with my collection of songs as and when I keep adding them on my PC in that folder. Do give it a try if you are facing the same issue and need to wirelessly sync all your songs / files over the LAN on to your phone with this amazing software.


MyPhoneExplore Home Page -

PC Application -

Android Client - 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Send SMS Texts from PC to Android Phone

Every wanted to send SMS (Texts) from PC without the need to pick up your phone. Presenting MyPhoneExplorer which can do exactly the same thing without the worry about picking your phone ever again. You can read, send, search any of the SMS which are stored in your phone with this software. It has multiple connectivity options starting from Wifi, Bluetooth, USB etc.

All you need to do is install MyPhoneExplorer Client from Google Play Store. And install the PC Software from here.

MyPhoneExplorer Client

Connect your phone after installing the client using the settings, go to Messages > Conversation and sync to load all your messages. Post loading you will be able to compose or read your messages without the need of ever opening them on phone. Have been able to successfully load 4000+ messages with this amazing software within a few secs.


Give a shout if you need more help in sending SMS from PC on Android Phone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Android Smart TV– Akai Smart Box (Quick Review)

smart_boxPresenting a way to make your normal TV a real expensive smart TV which does not cost a fortune. Android TVs are the new gadgets in market available from many companies these days. They are normally Palm sized and run on Android OS. They support Wireless internet, cable internet, sometimes Data Cards and HDMI output along with standard VGA output as well. Today we will talk about Akai’s new Smart TV called Smart Box. This is the latest product in town. I recently bought this on the occasion of Dipawali.

Let’s look at the amazing features of this beauty and then we will talk about its price and how it can be used and can act like an all in one device for various needs.

It has the following amazing features:

  • Android Ginger Bread - GB does not matter much because it’s not a phone or a tablet so no worries about ICS.
  • 1 GHz processor. – Really fast in multitasking, playing videos and browsing flash intense websites.
  • 1 GB RAM – This is one of the best features that unlike other devices which only offer 512MB RAM, this one offers 1GB of RAM which is more than enough for all your needs.
  • Multi Video Support – Due to its CPU and RAM combination you can play almost any video format available in the market. Say goodbye to selective video download or format conversion.
  • Internet – With Wi-Fi, Cable and Data card internet you have got various options to connect to the internet.
  • HDMI & Composite – It supports both HD and SD output which covers every TV on the planet.
  • Full HD support – Yes 1080 Full HD support. What else you need to watch your Full HD videos which you copied from your friends ;)
  • Hotspot – Convert your cable internet to Wi-Fi, yes it can act as a Wi-Fi Router to share the internet among multiple devices.
  • Google Play – With Google market supported out of the box you have the option to download any of the 7 lakh applications available on the store without the need to re-think about anything.

These were some of the many great practice features which you would be using in your day to day usage. Device is very compact, lightweight, piano black in color and runs only on 5V energy which means you can leave the device open all day long without the worry of huge power bills.

Some of the Usage Ideas which are clicking my mind at the moment are:

  • Media Center PC
  • Casual Gaming Device
  • Internet Browsing
  • Youtube / Online Movies Streaming Device
  • Overnight Downloading Device (Bit Torrent / Huge files) (5 Volts & No heating or sound)
  • DLNA Server (To stream movies / music / photos in the network)
  • Cheap Home NAS (Network Attached Storage) with the use of 4 USB ports at the back
  • FTP Server
  • Media Server
  • Print Server

Possibilities are endless with this device.

Below are some of the images of the device and how it looks out of the box. In the coming articles I will show you how you can change the default boring look of the device and convert it into some funky looking ICS type tablet with the help of apps. Feel free to leave the comments below for more details.

Cost of the device ₹ 6,500 /- some of the links from where it can be bought (look for discounts).

BuyThePrice  |  Akai   | Google

Tech Specs:


Product Photos:



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Realtek Virtual LAN Drivers on Windows

Sometimes you may need to have Virtual Lan drivers on your machine to connect various applications or for them to work correctly. VLAN  Drivers depend majorly on what type and company’s NIC card is there in the machine. Most of the Broadcom / Intel NIC cards have NIC / LAN management applications available on their website. Companies like Realtek does not offer this support in an open way. Below is location where you can install the Virtual LAN Drivers for Windows XP / Vista / 7 and their LAN Management utility as well.




Realtek VLAN Driver Download Links

RTLLan_Utility_V2013_WinXPVistaWin73264 | Mirror

The above utility once installed will also install the VLAN driver for Realtek. It should work on all supported versions of Windows without any problem. You should be able to see Realtek Virtual Driver in the LAN properties as shown below:


If you face any issues with XP Driver installation you can right click on the INF files and install the driver manually as well.

Realtek Teaming Utility for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

RealtekTeamingUtility_V2_0_0_5_Win_3264bit  |  Mirror

This Teaming Utility is the VLAN Network Management utility. This will let you install an additional Virtual LAN Adapter on your system. Sadly the installer will only work for Windows Vista and above, for Windows XP use the below extracted utility which should be able to do the same task without the need to install.

Realtek Teaming Utility for Windows XP

Download the file and extract to the desktop. Run the RTDIAG.EXE then select the Realtek NIC Card, Click on VLAN. Wait for 5 mins and you will see a new Virtual LAN adapter is added. Use the same utility to remove the Virtual LAN Adapter.


USB to Serial Cable Drivers

Have you ever used one of these on Windows XP?

If you have, chances are that you might have struggled with the driver installation and Driver search. Below is the available generic driver which you can use, chances are that the below drivers will work for you in your case.

USB to Serial Cable Driver for Windows XP Download Link  - Mirror

Extract the Zipfile and then Go to Device Manager, Right Click on the USB to Serial Device  with Yellow Bang. Select Manual Driver and provide the path of the folder your just extracted. It should take the driver from there and install the device. Alternatively right click on the oem16.inf and select install to install the XP driver.


If you wish to download and install the driver in an installer format below is the link for the same, any one of the two should do it for you.

PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1_7_0   |   Mirror


BF-810_DriverInstaller_v1.5.0_windows  |  Mirror

Comment below if it does not work or if you need some other driver for the same.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Extractor Launcher Error out on Windows 8

After using Extractor for some time on Windows 8, I decided to reinstall Windows 8 x64 Pro and since then the program stopped working.

program launcher windows

Every time I did a search I got the below error message. I tried reinstall and other basic trouble shooting but nothing worked.



Error Message:

Access violation at address 004B6106 in module 'Executor.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

At the moment uninstalled it to use another Keylauncher named Keybreeze. Look for another bog post for its details.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remote Desktop Manager (Tabbed)

Does your job involves lot of RDP / Citrix or remote sessions? Do you spend most of your time in switching between the Microsoft RDP windows? Think no more, check out this amazing utility which will help you manage all your Remote Computer needs in a wonderful tabbed interface, Remote Desktop Manager


You can add as many Remote Computers in a proper Folder Structured way.


I have been using this beautiful tool to manage all the remote machines since last 6 months. Give it a shot and install it, let me know how does it feel.

Additional Tip – This RDP client will make your life a lot easy by enabling Copy Paste in Remote Desktop (RDP) which was not possible before. Yes, you heard it right. You can now Copy paste files to and from remote computer to your physical machine with one right click.

Home Page -
Download Link -

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Alternative to Windows 8 Start Button

We all know that Windows 8 does not have a Start button which was so common since Windows 95 onwards. We are going to miss it for the easy of search it provides by just pressing a Start and start typing whatever you want, be it any installed program, a file or a setting. it was always couple of keystrokes away without the need of mouse. With Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced something called a Start Screen instead of Start Button which looks like this:


Its now very difficult to search and there are different tabs to search for a Program or File or Setting which was combined as one in the previous Windows version. I faced a lot of trouble searching for files in my documents or installed programs or settings like mouse etc.


While searching online I tried looking for alternates of Start Menu and then I found this awesome piece of Free software which is very easy to use and can easily be your start menu replacement. You are not going to miss Start Button for sure after this.

This application is called Executor It is a tiny software which can index your installed programs, your my document files and any other folder / files you want it to remember. I created a separate folder and put all the common shortcuts like My Docs, Pics, Music, Videos, Desktop, Software and others and let this program index it.


Now with one hot key which is Alt + Space in my case this tiny application comes alive and all I need to do is key in a few characters and it will show up what I am looking for without the need for me to hunt for it.


After a few days of playing you can customize it any way you like. There are so many options that it can be customized to any way you like. It also has special keywords to perform certain tasks, give it a shot and let me know how you like it. If you are confused about what settings to set, give me a shot in the comments and I will share my settings with you.

Download Link:

Download Link (Mirror) Multiple Website

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Blog

This is a new blog which will be frequently updated


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